Being a lover of long road trips will instantly make you think about what’s the most suitable car for your hobby. Well, your prayers have been listened because this article is here exactly to expose the features and specs of a perfect long travel car: Kia Sorento. If you are a fan of Kia, it is even better. The brand is well-known for producing resistant, powerful and good-looking cars and when new ones appear, there is nothing wrong with having huge expectations. Searching for the new models of Kia Sorento will surely make you fall in love with the looks of this car but wait until you see how performant it can be. Read below a series of features and compare it to other models you read about:

Basics – what is there to know?

For a mid-range SUV, the new Sorento is quite a big car. The price is also pretty big considering that many clients happen to be under the budget. A $31000 car is not exactly what you would call the most affordable one, especially when you are a travel lover and you like investing in expensive destinations and other things related to it. But the good news is that you can actually opt for a used car that will offer you the same performance at a lower price which is exactly what everyone is desiring. The car comes equipped with a 3.3 litre V6 engine that can reach up to 300 horsepower. These are values that a road trip lover simply cannot ignore. The Sorento can officially be called a monster on the streets and considering its six-speed automatic transmission you surely can’t imagine how comfortable driving it is.

Is it comfortable to drive?  

Talking about comfortable driving experiences, you probably want to know more about the driving features of this car. Well, the Kia Sorento is rocking the best audio system in this price range: a six-integrated speaker audio system with USB and auxiliary input jacks and two rapid-charge USB ports. The Bluetooth wireless systems surely cannot miss from this car’s specifications given the technology Kia has improved on their cars during the last few years. Wireless streaming is part of the deal too, so don’t worry about whether your driving experience will be enjoyable or not. The only thing that is left to do is choosing your next destination and hop in your favourite car.


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