Thinking about heading out on your new traveling adventure? What destinations are you considering? If you are looking for ideas and proposals, then definitely check out Brighton. This is the perfect UK seaside resort, an absolutely enchanting location, ideal for enjoying the beautiful, hot season of summer. Many people, passionate about traveling of course seem to perceive Brighton as a jewel on the traveling map. In fact, they see it as that city in the UK, which needs to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Of course, they also mention that once you visit Brighton, you will return again, soon. Maybe giving this destination a closer look could be of help, so why not discover why Brighton is so interesting? Surely it cannot only be the cheap airport taxies you easily find here.

Easy to reach


The really great thing about Brighton is that it is that natural traveling destination. If you are planning to visit London, you should save at least one day for Brighton. From London, you have only a 1 hour 45 min drive to Brighton. The distance between the two is of only 46 miles. Plus, you can take the train, the bus and even the plane. Not only does Brighton look amazing, but that short drive from London to this seaside resort will show just how beautiful this country is. The county of Sussex is amazing, definitely worth seeing, especially when it is so close to London.


History and culture


What is really great about Brighton is that you get to taste a bit of everything. A city break in Brighton is actually all you need to relax, forget about problems at home and really enjoy a spectacular UK trip. Few people know that when it comes to history, Brighton has a lot to boost about. King George IV was a constant visitor, enjoying the Brighton life to the maximum. Additionally, if you are still hunting history, Brighton will surprise you one more time. It seems that this city has been around since Roman times. With such a long history behind it, it is only natural to assume that culture is just as rich and pleasant to discover. A lot of museums open their doors to tourists giving them the chance to see interesting artefacts and not only.


A simple walk through town


While Brighton can surprise you with its culture and history, it is also the kind of city that offers an incredible satisfaction simply by walking down the street. You have the cliffs, which have made England so popular among tourists. Then there is the typical architecture, this time surrounded by the refreshing smell of the sea. If you are looking to see the good life, then take a stroll on the docks. You will be stunned to see the collection of boats, powerboats, sailboats and of course the luxurious yachts. If history, culture or the overall Brighton lifestyle didn’t convince you to fall in love with this city, then these boats will!

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