How to Pick Between Hotel Accommodations and Luxury Villa Rentals
Renting a luxury villa for your vacation isn’t just an option reserved for millionaires. Villas are affordable, well furnished, and provide all the comfort of home in an exotic destination like Italy or France. Most travelers typically try to decide whether to pick a hotel room or a villa rental for the duration of their stay in a foreign country, and there are a couple reasons why a luxury villa rental is the best option in most scenarios. This is a short guide to let you know how to choose between a hotel room and a villa.

The first thing to decide is what kind of vacation you are looking for. Hotels offer the security and cleanliness that you might want; they have daily maid service and all of your meals will be eaten outside the room, saving time tidying up and doing dishes. Some villa rentals don’t offer maid service (although many do), you may need to clean up after yourself. That’s a trade off for the ability to enjoy the comfort and privacy of a villa over crowded hotels and a marked lack of personality.

Villas give you a home to return to every night after spending the day out exploring the nearby sightseeing locations. You can spend a week or more just enjoying the tranquility of the villa and the private grounds. Stay in for the day if you want, lounging next to the pool or strolling through the garden, and then either eat in or go out to a restaurant, it’s all up to you. Many villas give you the option to hire a cook to prepare all your meals during your stay. Some people prefer to cook for themselves; it doesn’t matter in a villa because you have the freedom to choose, and that’s more important than anything else.

Choose a location for your vacation. Tuscany villas have a rustic charm from years of sitting in the centuries old atmosphere of a quaint Italian farming community, while villas in Rome or Capri tend to be more modern and Renaissance inspired. It all depends on where you want to spend your time and what you want to see. If you’re traveling with a group, take everyone’s needs into consideration. Some people like to shop and enjoy the nightlife, while others prefer to take it easy in a remote country villa far from civilization. There is a luxury villa rental for everyone, you just have to know what you’re looking for.

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