If you live near London or anyway in England and you want to have a beautiful and fast trip, you should know that you can visit many places that you didn’t know that exist. The best thing is that you don’t have to travel a lot because interesting destinations like Richmond Surrey are completely unforgettable. If you want to make a trip but you never know what destination to choose, you should remember that it is always good to check some places where you have never been. You don’t have to visit just extremely popular places because they can sometimes be very tiring. Places like Richmond can also be fascinating and they can have more charm than those that are very big and famous and also full of visitors.


Book a plane ticket earlier

What you should do first after you decided to visit Richmond is booking a plane ticket immediately because it can be cheaper if you do that with some weeks before. This can happen every time you want to book something, so don’t wait too much time if you want to save some money. In fact, it is good to plan everything earlier in order to make sure that your trip will be perfect and without headaches. Not to mention the fact that if you do that in the last moment, you will have a lot of problems and you will regret.

You should visit Richmond Park

If you go to Richmond, you shouldn’t miss the Richmond Park because it is extremely beautiful and inspiring. Everything looks so natural there and you have the possibility to discover the wildlife from that area. This place is best known for the fact that you can see there some ancient trees like huge oaks with a great history. If you love deer, you should know that you will see amazing deer there. At the same time, you will meet around 144 species of birds. They look spectacular and it is a great chance to see them in a natural landscape. Richmond Park can also be the best place where you can find different types of fungi of many colours and shapes. However, you should know that it is forbidden to collect mushrooms from that area, so don’t touch them or don’t do anything else that can destroy them. You can see some fabulous landscapes where you can take many beautiful photos that will be so precious.

Don’t miss the Kew Gardens

Another place that you can visit if you want to be closer to the nature, is going to the Kew Gardens. You will be impressed to see how many fascinating flowers you will see. It is like being in paradise because everything looks perfect and you will feel like you are part of the nature. If your purpose is to relax and to find your inspiration, this is the perfect place where you can go. If you want to make a surprise for your lover, you can go to Kew Gardens because it is a very romantic place and you will feel drunk in love again.


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