Visiting Japan is something most people are crave to do, and for good reason. The country has a special culture with impressive particularities, not to mention that it is one of the few regions that have really managed to preserve traditions while also improving innovation and technology. If you travel to the Land of the Rising Sun, you will have the opportunity to notice incredible combinations of new and old, breathtaking skyscrapers near ancient temples or wooden houses. However, Japan is not only about its architecture and culture: the uniqueness of this country also lies in its natural features and landscapes. Few people actually know about the numerous natural parks and reservations this eastern country is home to. One of the most remarkable places where you can enjoy the spectacle of nature in Japan is Nozawa Onsen, a beautiful ski resort worth seeing.

Where is Nozawa Onsen?

Nozawa Onsen is the most reputable ski resort in the country, being situated near Nagano, in the northern part of the Honshu Island. If you are interested in a trip here, you should know that the region can be easily reached if you drive 46km northeast of Nagano or 249km northwest of Tokyo. What is actually great is that in the surroundings, you will find many other smaller ski resorts, so you can combine them for a more diverse itinerary. There are many transportation options and the most comfortable one is, of course, going by plane – there is a direct flight and also a shuttle from Narita Airport. You can opt for the train as well, but the journey will take longer.


Where can you stay?

Since it is such a popular resort, there are plenty of accommodation possibilities in the area. From comfortable apartments Nozawa Onsen to luxurious houses, here you will find anything you prefer, depending on your budget. Taking into consideration that the village was not initially built for touristic purposes, there are no majestic hotels or huge buildings in the area and this is perfect for the picturesque aspect of the resort. There are, however, a lot of traditional Japanese inns (called “ryokans”) and also rustic pensions (“Minshuku”). If you choose one of these, you will get a glimpse of the local culture: futon bedding, Tatami flooring and traditional decorations are only some of the main features of the rooms. If you are not a big fan of experiments, then you can also choose an apartment or Western style hotels.


Which are the main activities in the area?

Skiing was introduced to Nozawa Onsen in 1912, and ever since, its popularity has constantly increased. The domain has been used for The Olympic Games, so even professional sportspersons are welcomed to come here and train. While off piste skiing is banned from the slopes, beginners can try to take lessons and those who already have experience should try some snowboarding. As you can see, this resort is the paradise of those passionate about winter sports.


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