There are various tourist destinations on the globe which can be ideal places to go to, when passing your vacation. Of course, one can select among vacation packages according to personal preferences. It’s obvious that some places that can give unforgettable outdoor adventure to some people, for others can be ordinary places. Generally, those who live in big, crowded cities seek for outdoor adventure, quiet nature or simply fascinating natural landscapes that can make them forget about their regular living.

If you want to experience something unique and special for your next vacation, you should definitely see the places to visit in Arizona we are going to present you in the following lines. From the very beginning you should know that Arizona is home of stunning natural landscapes and perfect retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded and noisy cities. In what follow we will enumerate a few must-see places that no tourist coming to this state should miss visiting.

The first must-see spot in the places to visit in Arizona is the Grand Canyon which is most distinguishable landmark of this state. This natural wonder can be admired in its splendor either by entering the South Rim or the North Rim. The Grand Canyon is a popular attraction of Arizona and millions of tourists come to this place to take photos of this deep gorge carved by the Colorado River.

Once you are in Arizona you should also visit Phoenix, the capital city. Here, the desert landscape is replaced by the modern urban setting, which offers to the viewer stunning skyscrapers and beautiful parks. You will find in here anything and everything you want from exquisite restaurants, bars and cafes to shops and hotels. If you want to include a few hours of golf into your vacation schedule, then you should definitely go to Scottsdale, Arizona. This city is situated in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, which is why many desert flowers and plants can be seen around. But, you will also find many resorts and golf courses in this city which can offer relaxation and outdoor activity to those who are golf enthusiasts. Paradise Valley is another popular destination in the places to visit in Arizona. This nice town is located west of Scottsdale and it is host of twelve fine resorts, which makes is a real magnet for visitors from all over the world. If you like to ride horses or camp, you can go northwest of Phoenix, where Wickenburg is located, and you are guaranteed to be delighted with what this place has to offer visitors.


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