If you haven’t visited Canada so far, then maybe you will be delighted to find out more about this beautiful country and the attractive tourists destinations existing on its land. The first thing you need to find out is that this state is home of most fascinating snow-covered hills and breathtaking mountain views, which might help you decide to spend your holidays and vacation around here. Canada has many things to offer visitors who need to relax, admire winter landscapes, but also practice various winter sports; so if you are a winter sports’ enthusiast, this country definitely is the place to spend your vacations. Another important aspect, that may draw your attention, is that most vacation packages to Canada, which are available in various travel agencies, are cheaper than any other tourist destination that you may find to other places on the American continent.

The great places to visit in Canada that we are about to present you in what follows will surely catch your interest.

The first tourist attraction we propose in the places to visit in Canada is Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Here, you can find many cultural landmarks that you can visit along with your friends or family. For instance, you can go to the Canadian War Museum, which presents visitors various warfare exhibits from battlefield surgery kits and gas masks used during World War I to various weapons like artillery canons and water-cooled machine guns. In this museum, among other important exhibits, you will even find one of the parade cars belonging to Adolf Hitler, which is a black Mercedes with bullet-proof windows. This car belonging to the German dictator is the only one existing in a public museum. Other attractions existing in Ottawa are The National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Science and Technology Museum and the Parliament Building, which was designed in the Gothic Revival architectural style.

Among other places to visit in Canada, you should not miss going to Cape Breton Island. You might like to hear that this location is considered to be one of the best driving destinations in the entire world. If you like outdoor adventure and also the natural scenery framed by water, this place located in Nova Scotia is the best place for you to be. You might also like to go to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, which is situated north of Cape Breton Island. Here you can find from sunny beaches to magnificent mountain views, valleys, waterfalls, forests and rocky hills.


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