USA is a great place to visit, if you want to make a trip there. It has fascinating places to visit and famous attractions. Here you will discover many places for relaxation or, if you want to have fun and enjoy your vacation, you can choose from various places such as the beaches or resorts. Read on to know more about this country and what places to visit in USA.

The United States of America are located in central North America, between Canada to the north, Gulf of Mexico and Mexico to the south, Pacific Ocean to the west and Atlantic Ocean to the east. Besides these, Alaska and Hawaii are also part of the USA and great places to visit. Everyone knows the capital city is in Washington DC, a city with a large number of inhabitants, but the largest city in USA in New York, an amazing place to live and a place with a lot of history, so this is one of the places to visit in USA.

Besides the cities there are other amazing attractions and places to visit in USA, which visitors can enjoy. The Rocky Mountains, the waterfalls and the Sierra Nevada Mountains located near the west coast in California are just some of the attractions. The sightseeing is amazing and besides this, there are a variety of recreational activities, which many visitors come to enjoy. The highest peak in the USA is Mount Whitney, and the Death Valley in California, located below the sea level, is the driest and lowest on the continent. Visitors can enjoy the landscape painting composed of huge trees (Sequoia) in California, hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Moreover, the main tourist attractions in the United States remain: Miami Beach resorts, Palm Beach in Florida, Malibu in California, Colorado Springs, mountain resorts and winter sports resorts such as Denver, Sun Valley, Lake Placid, national parks and other protected areas, with outstanding landscapes and natural phenomena. Natural monuments – Yellowstone, caves – Mammoth Cave, the Grand Canyon, the Niagara waterfalls, Yosemite, Death Valley are also the main attractions.

Other places to visit in USA are the big cities with monumental modern buildings, museums and other sights: in New York visitors can see the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Manhattan, Manhattan Bank – ‘skyscrapers’, in Washington tourists can visit the White House. In addition, Chicago is also a great place to visit in USA, the casinos in Las Vegas, the Hollywood studios in Los Angeles, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

USA offers great places to visit from cities with monumental buildings and museums to national parks, waterfalls, canyons and mountains. Now that you know what places to visit in USA, you can plan a wonderful vacation somewhere there.

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