Porsche is already well-known for their amazing cars. This is why no matter the model we are speaking about there will be something that will shock you and make you feel like you desire that car more than everything else in the world. Reading Edmunds opinion on the Porsche 911 price will make you wonder if buying a used car such as this will be worth the money and the answer is short and simple: yes.  Turbo cars usually do not face any problems and buying a car which had a previous owner who took good care of it won’t cause you trouble at all. Instead, it will cause you happiness. Here are some features of this car you definitely want to know about:


A car that speaks for itself, the Porsche 911 is a 2 door wonder on wheels. The classic model comes with a 3.0l turbocharged engine (flat 6) which can go up to 450hp and a seven speed manual transmission. It sounds like a monster for such a small car, but its power and efficiency will leave every owner breathless. It comes with a full-time all-wheel drive which will make driving feel like something you do for relaxing. The gas-pressurized shock absorbers will give you the sensation you are riding a plane instead of a car – you won’t feel any bumps on the road.


The main engine type used on the Porsche 911 is a twin turbo premium unleaded H-6 engine, with a 3 litre displacement and gasoline direct injection. The net horsepower will go up to 450 at 6500 RPM and the net torque will go up to the mesmerizing value of 405 at 2150 RMP. The engine comes with an automatic stop and start feature which will help you drive your car more easily than you did before plus engine oil cooler. The 175 amp alternator will make a difference in your driving experience, not to mention the 17.9 gal fuel tank.

Exterior design

The exterior design is impossible to miss – wheels in satin black, clear coat paint on the outside and body-coloured bumpers along with black side windows and a light tinted glass will get the best out of this luxurious car you definitely want to see on the streets. The galvanized steel or aluminium panels will give a nice touch to the exterior of this car. See for yourself.  

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