Also known as “the heart of California”, San Diego, with its generous bays and lakes, is considered one of the best places for kayaking and paddle boarding in North America. Due to its warm climate that lasts all year round, the beaches are always animate, with locals and tourists who come to discover the amazing landscape and practice their favorite water sport.

Paddle boarding is highly popular, as the ocean delivers consistent waves and there are also plenty of places with calm water where beginners can practice their skills. As the sun is always shining, especially in the summer, the water is warm and pleasant, while the wind provides the best conditions for a safe ride. Plus, you will find a nice stand-up paddle board yoga community that will help you discover and embrace flatwater paddling or exercise your body through some nice, relaxing SUP exercises. Furthermore, the 70 miles of coastline provide variate conditions for kayaking, so whether you are an experienced kayaker or just starting to discover its thrill, you will find a perfect spot for this activity.

Sand Diego’s shores are amazing, but if you are just visiting, you might not have time to explore every corner. So let’s take a look at the best places where you can practice your paddling skills or go into a breathtaking kayaking adventure.

1. La Jolla Cove

One of the most beautiful places in San Diego, La Jolla Cove, will surprise you with amazing towering rocky cliffs and a wide variety of marine animals. You’ll see dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions, and even leopard sharks. Moreover, you can follow whales swimming into the sun or lazy birds cutting the air with their majestic wings. The warm water is perfect for paddle boarding, and it stays at a reasonable temperature even in the fall, when the tourists are gone and you can enjoy the natural calm of these caves.

Voted one of the best destinations in the world, La Jolla attracts tourists from every corner, so you will find all the facilities for comfortable accommodation. The picturesque village offers not only breathtaking sights but luxury restaurants, where you can taste award-winning culinary creations or ultra-comfortable hotel rooms where you can rest after an engaging day of paddling.

2. Lake Hodges

Situated about 30 miles north of downtown San Diego, Lake Hodges offers up to 27 miles of shorelines and a maximum water depth of 115 feet. While kayaking along its course, you will be able to admire hills covered in luxuriant vegetation of oak and chaparral trees. Moreover, the scenery changes on the road, alternating high hills with low oak forests and wetlands where some of the arbors are submerged.

Until soon, paddle boarding wasn’t allowed on Lake Hodges, but the new legislation granted access to all SUP enthusiasts. The calm waters are perfect for beginners, while the most experienced users can exercise their skills in windier days.

3. Mission Bay

With warm, calm waters, even in the windiest days, Mission Bay is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a pleasant sunbath while paddling along the shores. One of the largest man-made saltwater bays, it ensures perfect flatwater paddle, so everybody, from beginner to advanced, can practice their paddling skills. Besides that, stand up paddling yoga is very popular here, and you’ll easily spot a yoga class in session in almost every moment of the day.

Another popular activity combines fishing with SUP boarding, providing both relaxation and excitement. Needless to say if you are a paddle boarding savvy person, you cannot use the same type of board for fishing, recreational paddling, yoga, surfing, or racing. There is a specific design intended for each activity and a thorough research of stand up paddle board reviews ultimately leads you to the optimal choice to make for the purpose you intend to use the board for. There is the issue of accessories as well, fishing SUPs coming with bungee systems to hold the rods and the other gear you need to carry.

Kayaking is also a popular activity around here, and there are plenty of centers from where you can rent a great kayak with wetsuits and lifejackets included. The sandy beaches and the amazingly-blue sky provide the calm you need and when you’re done kayaking you can always stop for a nice whale sighting.

4. Tidelands Park of Coronado Island

Usually packed during the weekends, Tidelands Park is a perfect place for kayaking or SUP boarding in every weekday. An immaculate skyline will follow you throughout the water trip, along the sandy shores, under the Coronado Bay Bridge, and around amazing ancient sailboats. The Tidelands Park is located over the bridge and there you will find many centers that can rent you a strong stand-up paddleboard or a kayak.

5. Dog Beach in Del Mar

If you wish to share the relaxing SUP boarding experience with your dog, this is the perfect place, and you will see many little balls of fur paddling along with their human parents. The water is calm and warm, and an amazing landscape will follow you throughout the entire trip. Moreover, you will easily find centers to provide you with all the necessary equipment, and why not, with some very useful lessons for your furry buddies, to make them feel comfortable with the water.

 In a Nutshell

San Diego is boosting with astounding places and a new, amazing adventure awaits you, so make sure you check as many of them as possible. Whether you choose the kayaking thrill or the relaxation provided by a good session of paddle boarding yoga, make sure you check all the great landscapes that come in your way.

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