Kakadu National Park is one of the most visited touristic attractions in Australia. Stretching over 7,646 square miles, this amazing natural reservation is a corner of heaven untouched by the hands of technology. Furthermore Kakadu is home to a wide variety of plans and animal species. For over 20 000 years this land has been populated by various Aboriginal tribes. Even today these tribes still maintain their culture and serve as protectors of this wild land. This is one of the most unique places to visit in a lifetime, and the experiences you could have are incomparable. If you are planing a trip here and you want to have a great time you must consider all aspects of the journey.

1. Timing

Although a visit to Kakadu National Park is always an amazing experience, it is the monsoon season that unveils the true beauty of this place. From December to March the park is vibrating with life. The waterfalls are tumultuous, the vegetation covers the lands in the purest green color and the wildlife is agitated. Furthermore powerful storms as well as beautiful sunsets are thrilling experiences that are unlikely to feel the same in other parts of the world.

2. Main attractions

Some of the main attractions of this amazing and wild Australian land are the beautiful cascades. Although the twin cascades are a magnificent sight one might also consider visiting the Jim Jim Falls. According to various studies it would seem that about 140 million years ago, Kakadu was under a shallow sea. The rocky scenery that delights our eyes today was created from sea cliffs. The escarpment is 330 meters high and stretches over 500 kilometers. Jim Jim Falls are like a burst of life that animate the rocky panorama. Although during the dry season these falls often don’t flow, in the wet season they paint a picture that is hard to forget. If you are feeling fit and you want to witness a truly beautiful panorama you can engage in a six hour walking journey to the top of the falls also known as Barrk-Marlam Bushwalk. These are the best places to visit at Kakadu, and you shouldn’t miss them by any chance if you go there.

3. Activities

The great thing about visiting this amazing national park is that you can do more than just sightseeing. A trip to this amazing park is not like going to a museum and analyzing the exhibits. Here you can experience the Aboriginal culture. As inhabitants of this amazing natural reservation, the Aboriginal people are very hospitable and enjoy all visitors. In order to get the full experience engage in an Animal Track safari where you will be guided by a bush Aboriginal. If you want to know more about various cultures present on these lands you can also visit the Barrk-Marlam Bushwalk exhibit. Due to the immensity of the park there are countless fun things to do in Kakadu. Just have to choose the ones that are most entertaining for you.

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