Nuremberg, the second largest city in Bavaria after Munich, is one of the most popular cities in Germany, and even if it is still not known for other than its past, thousands of tourists from all around the world come here annually. The city has a lot to offer to its visitors, from the genuine Bavarian spirit to historical monuments and attractions, and if you decide to come here, you will be surprised by the rich offer of leisure activities. Since the city has developed into a tourist attraction, one of the main parts of the locals’ activities involves services, and there are plenty of accommodation possibilities, such as Meistereck Hotel, where you can stay during your holiday.

Most of the people worldwide associate Nuremberg with the Nazi period, which is actually considered the darkest chapter of its past, and if you want to find out more details about it you could visit the Documentation Centre Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Here you will receive relevant information about the unfortunate events, and you will be explained the reasons and consequences of the reign of terror. Furthermore, since the Nuremberg Trial is considered a milestone of the international law, its original location has become a historical site that people can visit if they are interested in the trial and its aftereffects. As marking as it may be, you cannot miss this site in case you ever get to Nuremberg, because it is an important mark of international awareness. As far as the culture is concerned, the settlement also has a spectacular display of traditional architecture, and the Old town is one of the most popular places. Various tours are organized here, and you can go in a group or as an individual tourist, and visits can last from two up to four hours. There are several attractions included in the itinerary, such as Church of Our Lady, St. Lawrence’s church or St. Sebald’s Church, and most of them have free admission. Another place worth visiting is the Nuremberg Zoo, one of the most beautiful landscaped places in Germany, with a unique dolphin lagoon. This is the ideal place to take your kids to, because the zoo has some great offers for family groups, as far as the prices are concerned.


If you visit Nuremberg during winter, another impressive thing you must see is the Christmas market, called Christkindlesmarkt by the locals, an attraction which brings annually thousands of tourist to the Bavarian city. This is suitable not only for kids, who are likely to see Christkind in person right there or find incredible merry-go-round carousels, but also for adult visitors. The merger of colours, lights or odors will immediately fascinate you! You will have the opportunity to taste genuine Bavarian foods and drinks, so famous all around the world. Moreover, the spirit of the holidays will get to you immediately, and there is no better way of expecting Christmas than walking around in this fairytaleish atmosphere. Forget about the daily worries for a little while, and come visit this amazing medieval city!


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