If you plan to go on a trip and you don’t know the destination yet, here are some top places to travel:

  • London: It is the first city in the top places to travel in Europe. This is an exciting city, full of museums and art galleries, and the wonderful nightlife will make your trip something to remember. It may take you weeks or even months to get to visit the entire city. So you should definitely put London on your list of places to visit in Europe as it is probably one of the most cosmopolitan and cultural places. We guarantee that visiting it just once won’t be enough as you will want to come back over and over again.
  • Rome: This is the place for the architecture enthusiasts. The Pantheon, the Colloseum, an impressive and famous building of Rome, the Vatican, is just some of the monuments that must be visited. And, of course the reason why you will love Rome is the delicious food. This is another one of the top places to visit in Europe, because it has great historical and cultural value for the entire continent, and here we can see how this civilization was formed and influenced thousands of years ago.
  • Athens: This is also one of the top places to travel. Have you ever thought to be in the place where Hercules fights in your games? Athens it’s wonderful in terms of history and Greek mythology. You can visit here the Acropolis, the Pantheon, different museums, but also the streets studded with shops. You can also visit by boat many islands around Greece.
  • Paris: The city of lovers, the city of inspiration for writers. Paris must be definitely in the top places to travel. A trip to Paris is not just for writers and lovers, but for anyone ready to have a dream vacation. The places you must not forget to visit in Paris are: Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Seine, stores and especially restaurants. Paris is one of the unique cities that are worth visiting even if a vacation there may be a little more expensive. Also, here children can visit Disneyland.
  • Prague: This is another exciting city in Eastern Europe, the capital city of Czech. The city attracts tourists and artists due to the castles, museums, art galleries, coffee shops and historical attractions. If you’re looking for top places to visit in Europe, remember that Prague has one of the oldest castle complexes in the world, comprising architecture that spans hundreds of years, which is why it was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Stockholm: This is the capital of Sweden and is made ​​up of fourteen islands. It has a very good transport system between the islands which makes that the tourist attractions to be easily visited. You can find here museums, restaurants, shops and a great nightlife.
  • Helsinki: Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a city that worth to be visited especially in summer.
  • Amsterdam:  It is also one of the top places to travel. It is a small and sophisticated city, giving you a vacation based on shopping, sightseeing, concerts, events and art galleries.
  • Barcelona: It is known as one of the most fascinating cities in Europe and is famous for its excellent architecture that delights the eye-passers, but also for the night entertainment. Aside from the Old Continent, Europe is also called the Cradle of Civilization. The truth is that these holiday destinations are filled with history and culture. They are by far the best places to visit in Europe and you should make sure to see them at least once in a lifetime.

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