Bucharest can be a beautiful and attractive city if you know how to explore it and you ignore the crowds and its dirty look. Apart from the impressive sight of the Parliament building rising high over the city, Romania’s capital is also a great place for shopping fans, allowing them the possibility to purchase both designer items at great prices and the most inspired array of great travel gifts they have ever seen. There are more and more tourists who choose to visit this lovely country and most of them discover that Bucharest is rather picturesque location. If you know your mom is up for an adventure, then this would be a great Mother’s day present. Not to mention that a trip of this kind is among theaffordable Mother’s Day gifts. In case you or your mother want to come to Romania, let me give you some ideas:

  • The Parliament. This is one of the most impressive buildings in the world, second largest after the Pentagon. The building was built during the period 1983-1989, and since its inauguration it has remained the most controversial building in Romania.
  • The Museum of Villages. This is one of the first outdoor museums in the world and is one of the main attractions of the city. It has over 70 households, with traditional tools, gathered from all over the country.
  • Athenaeum is one of the emblems of Bucharest and is one of the country’s architectural jeweleries. Athenaeum was built in 1865 at the initiative of some important personalities of cultural life in Romania, among which there are: Carol Rosetti, Constantin Esarcu and Dr.N. Kretzulescu. Athenaeum building goal was “equipping people with useful knowledge.”
  • The Old Court. This was the first royal court in Bucharest, which included a palace, a church, space for servants and palace gardens. Today, the Royal Court is an outdoor museum frequently hosts cultural events, festivals and fairs in medieval art.
  • Cismigiu Park. Cismigiu is the oldest public garden in Bucharest. The park was designed in an English-style. The name comes from the fountain park. Romanian ruler, Alexander Ypsilanti ordered in 1779 to construct two fountains, and received the title of head works great Cismigiu.
  • Herastrau Park was built in 1936. Herastrau is the biggest park in Bucharest, and in the eighteenth century it was the main attraction of the wealthy citizens. Park’s attractions are the Expoflora, Rose Island and the Japanese garden. The park is divided into two areas. A quiet, reserved for recreation and culture and another one for sports and entertainment, restaurants, caffees, an amusement park for children and sailing clubs.
  • Dracula’s Castle. One of the highlights of the capital city and castle of Vlad Tepes. The castle is less known to the public, but its charm and attractivity are specific to the medieval time.
  • Melik House. Melik House is the oldest habitable building in Bucharest that has been preserved in its original form and now houses the Pallady Museum. In this museum you will find works of famous painters, and red tulips, the Place Dauphin, actresses portraits.
  • Caru cu Bere is one of the oldest breweries in Bucharest and housed true literary circles. George Cosbuc, I.L. Caragiale, Octavian Iancu Gogasau Brezeanu were just a few of the writers and people who frequented the local culture. The restaurant is a legend in Bucharest and one of the places most frequented by foreigners are looking for Romanian traditionalism.
  • Lipscani. This is the old center of Bucharest and it gathers impressive buildings, streets and places to stay and enjoy the view.

As you can see, there are many places worth visiting in Bucharest, places that have their own beauty and charm. Romania is definitely an attraction for many tourists and on top of its attractions, the cost of a Bucharest tour is not very high! So, if you are considering affordable Mother’s Day gifts, this could be real option!

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