Copenhagen is the largest city in Scandinavia but it yet retains a provincial air, very appreciated by tourists. Houses with gables, narrow streets and skyline dominated by church steeples – all these are elements that characterize the Danish capital. With a rich history that have left secular historic buildings and streets, amazing museums and galleries, unique gardens and Tivoli oldest resident monarchy in the world, Denmark’s capital has plenty of attractions for all tastes.

With all its historical monuments, Copenhagen is still a modern city whose past coexists with this latest trend and architectural sites, design and fashion. It is one of the most beautiful capitals of design, something observable in the dynamics of new buildings and stunning shops. Let’s have a look on the most impressive tourist attractions:


  • Pedestrian Zone Strøget – is located in Copenhagen.
  • Copenhagen University
  • Round Tower – Rundetårn
  • Tivoli Gardens Park: Tivoli Gardens is an unusual amusement park (82,717 sqm), because besides fun objectives (about 25) and unexpected you can smell in beautiful gardens the 400,000 flowers or you can count the 110,000 lanterns which light up in the winter with millions of lamps and lights colors.
  • Fiskerkone
  • Copenhagen City Hall
  • New Port – Nyhavn
  • Tycho Brahe Planetarium
  • Beaches in Copenhagen
  • Dyrehavsbakken Park – Bakken


Discover Copenhagen while walking, cycling or using buses and trams. Ideal would be to buy a Copenhagen Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours, because you will receive free entry or discounts to major attractions and public transport. Copenhagen is so packed with attractions, so it would be very difficult to compress them all into a short visit. Although the city is quite compact it would be a very ambitious work from your part to try to see everything on foot in one weekend – and imagine that you forgot to see the Little Mermaid and Amalienborg Castle.

One way not to miss one of the monuments and major tourist attractions is to go into one of the many tours of the city by bus, bike or boat. Coach Tours with no roof depart regularly throughout the day from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall), while during summer tours of the canals and harbor boats are popular ways to relax, allowing you to bypass the city.

We highly recommend this place to you, as you can be sure you will not regret this amazing experience. On the contrary, you will want to repeat it as soon as possible.


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