I always had a penchant for new, even antique, but cultural things. I think they are responsible of our well-being, imagination, creativity and optimism. We all have problems, but if we know how to look inside the brighter side of life, we will manage to achieve big things and we will not have to support suffering anymore.

The easiest way of getting-away-from-it-all is changing the view, the people, the ideals and focusing on something else, something new and refreshing, because life doesn’t wait for us to enjoy it.

This change can be done mainly when you decide to leave your hometown, your country, your language and try to be in touch with a completely different environment. Try to do it at least for a couple of days and you will see the wonderful results of your decisions. Pack your stuff, book a flight ticket and be ready to meet Minsk, one of the European capitals famous for its beauty, because this is our proposal for you in this article.

Take a look over the following ten proposals we have for you and don’t wait for anything to happen to you instead of it, because it will not:

  • Victory Square. This place reminds of World War II
  • Island of tears, which is dedicated to the people from Belarus who died in the Afghanistan War
  • Troetskoe Predmestie, where you get an image of the old city, while walking or drinking something in a cafe. You can also go shopping or just stay and enjoy the antique view of the city.
  • Minsk City Hall, in the historical side of the old city
  • Saint Spirit cathedral, where you will see a huge range of orthodox icons.
  • Nezavisimosty avenue. This an avenue that will guide you to another number of places: Nezavisimosty, Octiabyrskaya, Victory, Yukuba Kolosa, Kalinina and the list goes on.
  • City Gate, which represents two identical buildings.
  • National Library, one of the main attractions in Minsk, due to its impressive storage of books and objects
  • Red church, build from the wish of Edward Voynilovitch. The name of the church St. Semeon and St. Elena reminds of his children who died when they were very young.
  • Stella “Minsk – city hero”, which is very representative for the history of Minsk, especially because it reminds of the victory of World War II.

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