Riga is a beautiful city, also known as the Paris of North, which represents the capital of Latvia. Apart from the fact that it is situated in the north of Europe, it is supposed to be close to the place from Santa Clause comes.

However, you can choose Riga as your touristic destination, not only because it is located next to Santa Clause’s place, but also for a range of monuments and attractions. Among them, there are 10 places selected by us. We invite you to take a look and maybe start a journey to Riga right now.


  • Riga’s Dome Cathedral. This is one of the places you should not miss for anything in this world. This impressive building is beautiful not only from in outside, but also from the inside.
  • Art Nouveau Architecture. This actually represents a movement specific to the period 1880-1910.
  • Riga’s Castle. Wittgenstein Castle, firstly built in 1209, was destroyed and in 1330-1353 there have been added some other parts to the new castle. In 1515 the building was made from the very beginning and since then it remained known under this name.
  • St. Peters’ Church. You can go with an elevator and see the panoramic view of Riga from 70 meters high.
  • Swedish Gate. It is part of the first fortification that protected the city in the past.
  • Museum of War. This was made in 1916 and it was named the Latvian Riflemen’s Museum.
  • The Blackheads House. This dates from the 14th century and was specially made for Blackheads Guild.
  • Freedom Monument. This was build with the donations received by the people from Latvia and this is very important for the whole nation. It dates from 1935 and its sculptor was Karlis Zale
  • National Opera House. It is known like “The White House” too and has more than 250 years of existence. You will have a great time while taking part to the shows of the artists from the opera and you will have the chance to improve your culture too.
  • Riga City Canal. It divides Old Town and Riga Center and helps you arrive to Central Market, Central Station, Radio Street, National Opera, Freedom Monument, Bastion Hill, National Theatre and Riga Port Area. In the past it was called Ridzene and this was the clue for the name of the actual city, Riga.

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