Warsaw has always attracted tourists through its amazing history and personalities and if you plan to make a trip out there, here are some suggestions:

  • Barbican. This was designed by Giovanni Battista in 1598 and is known mainly for having surrounded the city in the past. Until the year 1701, there were ramparts and towers that protected the old center of Warsaw.
  • Castle Square. You can find this beautiful place in the medieval corner or Warsaw and you will be impressed by its streets and monuments. One of them is the column of Sigismund III, which dates from 1644. His son, King Vladislav VI wanted to have this done and ever since, tourists all over the world were able to find out about his father’s existence.
  • Church of the Holy Cross. This curch was firstly made of wood, but starting with the 18th century it was adapted to the modern architectural characteristics. Bellotti was the architect of this building that dates from 1696. By visiting this cathedral you will have the chance to find out about Frederic Chopin, the musician whose heart is thought to be strongly connected to the church.
  • Jewish cemetery. The World War II ended up with a lot of Jewish people dead, who were buried in Warsow. Actually, this place was strongly filled with jews in that period of time. You cand find this cemetery in Okopova and you can also use the Protestant Cemetery and Povatski as objectives to guide you to the Jewish Cemetery.
  • Lazienki Park and Palace on the Water. In the center of the city you can see the first one, which will impress you totally with its amazing monuments. One of those objectives is The Palace Lazienki, which took the name of “Palace on the Water”, due to its pavilions, amphitheater and palaces that compose it.
  • Marketplace. It is recommended to visit this beautiful square by feet, walking and enjoying the view. You will definitely not get bored, among so many citizens and tourists. The view is unique, as it involves ancient buildings, musicians and artists on the whole street and everything that gives you the impression of Ancient Europe.
  • Palace of Culture and Science. If you want to see a piece of the Soviet architecture and megalomania, one of the buildings that until 1970 was among the tallest in Europe and it still has its record in Poland.
  • Cathedral of St. John. From a small church, that dated until 1798, the building became a cathedral. The Polish history is really connected to this building, as in 1764 it was the place where the last king of Poland was crowned.
  • Staszic palace. You have to know firstly about Castle Staszic, which was build before Staszic Palace. Only when Antonio Corazza, an Italian architect, arrive there are took in charge the project of the palace, the situation has changed.
  • Citadel. River Vistula is right next to the famous Warsaw citadel and you will have a wonderful feeling while seeing them in their natural beauty.

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