Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and is known worldwide for its financial and banking institutions. If you plan to go on a trip, you might consider Zurich, a city with numerous attractions and wonderful places. Below you will find what to visit in Zurich.

  • The National Museum (Landesmuseum): This place is a wonderful attraction in Zurich if you are a history passionate. The museum is placed in a historic castle and has a great collection of pieces of art that capture Swiss history, culture, politics etc. Visitors have the possibility to lean about Swiss origins by visiting this place.
  • The Old Town (Altstadt): If you ever thought what to visit in Zurich, the Old Town is a lovely place. This place has a lot of beautiful historic attractions including cobblestone streets and ancient churches. Tourists can take a walk through the area to admire the old buildings and churches and also to relax looking at the swans on the river. This area has also numerous restaurants and shops.
  • Great Church (Grossmünster): This place is a monastery of priests and is also a wonderful place if you wonder what to visit in Zurich. Grossmünster is a place with historical and architectural significance. Tourists can see the historic and religious sites or can have great views of the city if they climb the cathedral’s twin towers.
  • Church of Our Lady (Fraumünster): This is a famous church for the glass painting done by Marc Chagall. Tourists can stop and visit this place while visiting the Old Town.
  • St. Peter Church: Tourists have what to visit in Zurich, if they plan to go here. St. Peter Church is one of the oldest churches in Zurich, and here is the largest clock-face in Europe. Visitors can admire the church from outside, as well as from inside.
  • Lindehoff: This is another wonderful attraction in Zurich. It is an archaeological site of an old Roman castle that offers lovely views. Tourists can relax taking a walk through the park, sitting on the benches and admiring the incredible views.
  • Urania Observatory: The astronomical observatory Urania is located in an unusual place, in the middle of the city and above a bar. Here, tourists can enjoy great views of Zurich or can go to the bar for a drink or to the French restaurant.
  • Niederdorfli: If you wonder what to visit in Zurich, the Niederdorfli district is a great place if you want to have fun. So, tourists who come to have fun must visit Niederdorfli district, located on the eastern shore of Lake Zurich, where they will love the restless nightlife.

Finally, Zurich is considered the Mecca of Europe from the cultural point of view and the shopping paradise. The city is cut in half by a long and lively commercial artery where you can find numerous luxury shops and banks. Therefore, you definitely have what to visit in Zurich.

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